Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Truck T18 & Trailer Tr11

7 days left to pre-order these Building Experience Kits! (CLOSED!)

Get your licensed kit for Truck T18 hereAnd your licensed kit for Trailer Tr11 here!

What to expect from a Building Experience Kit? Our Building Experience Kits are exclusive sets, hand picked and packed of which only a limited number are made. Each kit has a unique limited edition serial number. The complete set comes in a luxurious high quality magnet box. It comes with printed building instructions with spiral binding and with high quality pre-cut custom stickers if required. Together with all genuine new LEGO® parts, custom parts if required and all necessary so-called LEGO® Power Functions to remote control the model. These Building Experience Kits are complete and therefore ready to build!

Pre-orders are equal to regular orders except for moment of shipping. Orders containing this kit will be shipped starting September 1 2018. Pre-order issues 5% discount from July 1 2018 until August 15 2018.