Frequently Asked Questions:

Here you'll find a couple of question I have been asked quite often:

  -  For what models will instructions be available?

I will release instructions for about all of the models I built so far. I started with truck T1 and T2 and I will work my way up. This may take a while, that is why I ask you to be patient. Currently I am releasing building instructions for a major project every three months. In between I will release for example a previously released model, but in a different color.
Please check back once in a while to see if there is anything you like...

  -  What to expect from the instructions them selves?

The instructions I sell are easy to use even when a complex part or detail is instructed. To achieve this a lot of what I call "floating" parts are used. These floating parts are directed with the use of arrows to show you where these items are suppose to be.
One other great tool is the so called "call outs". These are the smaller "pages" on a page that shows the assembling of a sub element.

  -  Can you send me more pictures?

For me there are two reasons why I don't send additional pictures. First of all, I don't have anymore pictures then yet published. A model might be still sitting inside my showcase, but might have been taken apart to re-use the parts for other models as well.
I do share my models, my designs, my knowledge and so on, but only through instructions. With this I mean that I don't have any secret, but in order to reveal this secret I need you to buy the instructions.

  -  Why do you sell your instructions instead of sharing them for free?

Hopefully you realize creating instructions is extremely time consuming. It happened in last couple of years that some people send me an email that basically ordered me to send over the instructions like it is as easy as eating a apple, but it isn't!
Generating building instructions even takes more time then the actual design and build of a model itself. You can do the math yourself.

  -  Instead of downloadable PDF files you sell online viewable instructions, Why?

For this there are multiple reasons, let me explain why I choose the online approach. There is more to it than just preventing people from unauthorized usage:

A) ​It allows me as a designer to change the instructions. Why? You might think! Well there are basically two reasons:
First of all because mistakes do happen. Even though I triple check the instructions and the part count a miss might slip through.
Second is that I might want to improve the instructions in time because I want customers to have the best. Improving the instructions them selves or some parts of the model that for example have been found unclear.

​B) There is also this environmental issue to printing instructions. I realize this is an opinion but for me this really is important. I prefer sustainable solutions to help saving our planet. Printing the instructions is both quite expensive and since they are most certainly used only once or twice not really necessary.

C) Last but most certainly not least, I can let go of a standard page sizes. For me creating instructions is all about communication. I want to tell you as clear as possible what to do at a certain point with a specific LEGO® part or sub element. If this requires a different page layout and a different page size I want to be free to do so. Quality is more important to me than making it fit to be printed.

  -  Some of your models have chromed parts, where do you get those?

To start with the chromed parts I use are not spray painted, but actually chrome plated. Yes, they sound and feel "metal", a thin layer of chrome is applied to each brick. Someone I know provides me with those high quality chrome plated bricks.

I will start selling chrome plated bricks via my BrickLink store within a couple of weeks. Only the parts that are specifically used in my models. So be patient and I'll be your number one chrome plated brick supplier.

  -  You must have a large collection of trucks and trailers sitting in your house

Maybe I have, but not as large as you might expect. Mostly I try to keep three trucks and three trailers assembled the same time. These are taken to events to show people what I do. The others are disassembled to be re-used. As you may know LEGO® is rather expensive which forces me to re-use it. On the other hand we should not forget that LEGO® is invented to build and to be re-used, so it is okay with me!

  -  Are you an engineer?

No, I am not by far. All I build has been done just straight from the heart. For me the challenge is to translate a real life mechanism into LEGO® parts. Sometimes it's just a matter of downsizing and you're done, but most of the time it isn't. As an example the shock absorbers of the suspension system on my models are rubber belts. This because the actual LEGO® shock absorbers are way to big to fit these models.

  -  Where do you get all the parts you need for a build?

For me there are actually two ways to lay my hands on the parts I need. Mainly I buy parts using BrickLink, at this point it still is my favorite. Also do I buy New and Used LEGO® sets, pick the parts I need and what is left of the set is sold via my own BrickLink store. FYI, "what is left of the set" and therefore sold via BL is generally about 90%!

  -  What software do you use to create instructions?

The process of creating instructions always starts with a digital file/model of the model itself. For this I use Bricksmith and find it very useful and powerful. To create the instructions this 3D model is edited using LPub. GIMP is used to alter any graphical details if required.