Truck T13 with instructions, updated!

Model Scania 143M Torpedo "Truck T13" is build with LEGO® in scale 1:17,5 and motorized using LEGO® Power Functions®. It is a model of a Scania 143M Torpedo 6x4 Australian truck. Shown in the book "The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling" it is fully shiny while for the instructions the model is kept affordable for many!

The truck features: solid axle suspension on all axles of which the rear axle uses tandem bogie suspension, PF powered driving with power transmitted independently to both rear axles, Ackerman geometry on steering axle, Servo powered steering, fully functional fifth wheel, fifth wheel slider, detailed engine bay, modeled Scania V8 engine, detailed cabin interior and 3 light units.

Scale: 1:17,5
Length: 444 mm
Weight: 2,21kg
Parts: 2790

Changed in release v1.2 (1-4-2016):
A) The suspension system has been update and LEGO® part #6571 is no longer required. However the front axle’s suspension is not changed, only achieve with the use of other parts.
B) For your convenience there is this third part replacement available for the LEGO® Technic Flex Cable parts. Though it is up to you! You can still use the Flex Cable parts if you want the model to be 100% genuine LEGO®.
C) It now shows where to install the custom stickers. A custom sticker sheet is available.
D) Some hard to distinguish color difference have been clarified.
E) Replaced rare and expensive LEGO® part 32017 Black.
F) An overview of all changed parts is included.

The Scania 3 series is the third generation truck model range introduced by Scania, which we all know is Swedish truck manufacturer. Obviously it is the successor of the 2 series and was introduced back in 1987. With the release of the 4 series in 1997 production of the 3 series stopped after being produced for roughly a decade.

Given the fact it has a hood or bonnet, so it is not a COE (cab over engine) truck, it is referred to as a torpedo. For this the manufacturer gave it a prefix as well, a T. At that time the 3 series T came in a range of different engine sizes and horsepower. Starting with a 9.0 liter engine with 230 horsepower all the way up to a massive 14 liter V8 engine with 500 horsepower. Being available with either a 9, 11, or 14 liter engine truck models were denoted 93, 113, or 143.

To indicate the rating of the frame and suspension stiffness a letter suffix is used. Rated with an M indicates this model has a „medium” frame and suspension setup. Other suffices used by Scania are H for „heavy” and E for „extra-heavy”.

This model is another custom design by Ingmar Spijkhoven AKA 2LegoOrNot2Lego that comes with building instructions and inventory/parts list! You can build it yourself! To do so you can buy the Building Instructions. Early in the building process you will see what it is that you are building. You will be very excited from the moment you start the build of "Truck T13" till you finish it with about 420 different parts totaling 2790 pieces.

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