Next level of remote controlling!

Building custom LEGO® models for almost a decade now provides a lot of experience. Experience on all facets including that of remote controlling these. First designs used steering systems that allowed no proper return to centre. With the introduction of the the Servo Motor by The LEGO Company a couple of years ago this was eliminated. Using the remote control with dials, mainly used to control trains, was quite okay to drive around! Quite okay means it could be better, and yes it could be! Two limitations are easily met, first the distance at which models can be controlled and the number of available channels. Especially showing models at events, these limitations rapidly became major problems!

Currently there is this tendency toward third party solution to enhance your LEGO® creations. Custom parts, lights and even remote control solutions are popping up. Despite the discussion whether this is good or bad it is important to explore them.

Just recently a partnership with SBrick has been established. Currently the models demonstrated on events are operated via SBricks and the amazing smartphone app. Also will all instructions currently available be updated so it includes the installation of an SBrick as well. This will all happen in 2016…so it is up to you whether to use it or not!

SBrick is the next level in remote controlling your LEGO® creations. Basically it is a Bluetooth receiver built into a LEGO® compatible brick which controls up to four Power Functions®. Because it’s shape is compatible with that of the LEGO® IR Receiver it is easy to take it out and replace it with SBrick. Going a little further is an option as well. There is no need to have it in plain sight anymore for you to bury it somewhere inside your model.

With an app for your mobile device which can then be used to remotely control your model. A smart RC receiver that connects to your mobile or tablet device, allowing you to control all your LEGO® Power Functions® up to a distance of 100 meters. This without sun- or artificial light interference so without ever losing control over your precious model.